Hello ICRA attendees!

This mail is to inform you about the various activities that your IEEE RAS student council is planning/preparing in Anchorage, Alaska. The ICRA organization committee has put together a very interesting schedule with almost every robotics related topic imaginable. However, after a day of intellectual hard work it is time to kick back and get to know your fellow students in a more relaxed setting. Also for the students who do not have to fly back home immediately we have organized some interesting trips on the Saturday after the conference has ended.
We have composed a mix of serious and fun activities around the regular conference program. Some of these activities require us to make reservations and in any case we do not want to leave any participants behind, so we would like to know if you want to participate. You can register by sending an email. Please send this email before April 20th.

All in all,
It promises to be a great conference and we are looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you there!

On behalf of the IEEE RAS student council,
Michel Franken, Tamas Haidegger, Alejandro Perez

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