Social Events


The conference will include an opening reception (May 4), a "linear" conference banquet on a train (May 5) and an awards luncheon (May 6) for all registered attendees including students. A second, sit-down dinner banquet has been arranged at the Alaska Native Heritage Center (May 5) as an alternative to the train banquet (see below).  

1. Opening Reception
Location: Tikhatnu Lobby, 3rd Level, Dena'ina Center
Time: Tuesday, May 4, 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm
The opening reception will provide light dining, conversation, and an opportunity to meet old friends and meet new ones. There will be a short welcome from the Mayor of Anchorage and the President of the Robotics and Automation Society. Please also come and enjoy the music from The Carhartt Brothers, a local Anchorage band.
2. Conference Banquets

Train Banquet | ANHC Banquet

Train Banquet
Location: Anchorage Train Station
Time: Wednesday, May 5, Boarding between 4:00 pm and 4:45pm, Train Departs at 5:00 pm, Returns by 11:00pm
The banquet will be on a train! The train will leave the Anchorage station (one block from the Hilton) at precisely 5pm. It will return at about 11 pm. We will ride through some of the most beautiful countryside in Alaska up to a glacier, and return the same way. Food and drink will be available on the train.
Many conference attendees will be buying extra train tickets for family members. It is absolutely essential that train reservations be made in advance! if you wish a spouse train ticket (including dinner), you MUST reserve it in advance. See conference policy on banquet below.
For those attendees who registered before March 29 and not on the waiting list, upon check-in at the Conference, you will be asked if you are still planning on attending the train banquet. If you are still planning on attending, you will be given a blue ticket. THIS IS NOT YOUR BOARDING PASS. Beginning at 12:00 on Tuesday near Registration Check-In, you will have the opportunity to exchange your blue ticket for a boarding pass on the train as well as two drink tickets. Please bring any companions you wish to sit with during the train banquet as specific seats and train cars will be assigned at that time. Also, please be sure to bring with you a Government issued Identification (ex: Driver’s License, Passport, etc.). The US Department of Homeland Security is asking that we verify the identity of all passengers of the train, including Conference guests.
After sessions conclude on Wednesday, please continue to the train depot. Based on the boarding pass issued to you, you will proceed to the appropriate train car. There will be Alaska Railroad personnel there to check you off the list as you board the train. YOU MUST wear your Conference name badge to the train as this is a requirement to board.
NOTE: You will not be able to board the train without a boarding pass, it is imperative that you trade in the train banquet ticket you receive at registration for a boarding pass at the Train Ticket Exchange table before 14:30 on Wednesday.
YOU MUST be on the train before 17:00. The train will leave at 17:00!!!
The bars and the food service cannot begin until the train is moving, so you will find a "snack pack" for munching on your designated seat. Included with your "snack pack" is a guide to what you will see out the windows during the train ride. Enjoy the sites!
Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC) Banquet
Location: Alaska Native Heritage Center
Time: Wednesday, May 5, Buses will leave Egan Center at 5:30pm, Return by 9:15pm
In addition to the train, a wonderful venue has been selected for a second banquet: a sit-down dinner at the Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC), a ten minute ride from the convention center by bus. In addition to excellent food, attendees will see interesting Alaska Native Culture, and a dog sled team will be there for you to see and talk with the mushers. Attendees will get back to their hotels a little earlier than train riders, for those wishing to not have such a late evening (the train is scheduled to return around 11:00 p.m.).
For those attendees joining us for the banquet at the ANHC, you will be asked to verify your attendance at the banquet upon check-in at the Conference. There, you will be given a green ticket to be used to get on the bus to the ANHC, as well as two drink tickets to be used at the banquet. Buses will begin departing the Egan Center for the ANHC at 17:30 and will return to the Egan Center at approximately 21:15.
Currently, guest ANHC banquet tickets are available for purchase through Paper Plaza for $110. Please login to your account to purchase.
3. Awards Luncheon
Location: Tikhatnu Hall, Dena'ina Center
Time: May 6, 11:45 am - 1:00 pm

The Awards Luncheon will feature the ICRA 2010 Conference Awards Ceremony and include boxed lunches for all registered conference attendees.

4. Birds of a Feather Women's Luncheon
Location: Dena'ina Center, Kahtnu 1 and 2
Time: May 4, 11:50 am - 1:00 pm

The Birds of a Feather Women's Luncheon offers the opportunity to young female researchers to discuss career challenges that are unique to women with successful female professionals. A limited number of lunches are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register here.

5. Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Luncheon
Location: Dena'ina Center, Kahtnu 1 and 2
Time: May 5, 11:50 am - 1:00 pm

The GOLD Luncheon introduces young professionals to the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) from standpoints of how it operates and how to get involved with RAS activities (conference activities, member activities, publication activities, and technical activities). A limited number of lunches are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register here.

6. Conference Editorial Board Reception
Location: Tikhatnu A, Dena'ina Center
Time: May 3, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

ICRA 2010 invites members of the Conference Editorial Board (CEB) and the Senior Program Committee (SPC) to a meeting and a reception. The reception is a token of appreciation for the hard work by the members of the CEB. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the members of the Conference Editorial Board and the Senior Program Committee to meet each other, provide feedback and make constructive suggestions for improving the quality of future conferences. This reception is restricted to members of the CEB and the SPC.


Policy for Buying Tickets for the Conference Banquet

The number of cars on the train will be determined based on conference registration by March 29. Registration before this date guarantees a seat on the train. Registration after this date puts you on a waitlist. If you need extra tickets, please reserve them in advance. Your banquet ticket includes both the train ride and food, as well as two drink tickets. If the train should be sold out, an alternative dinner will be provided for the people who don't get tickets.