Scheduled RAS SAC activities for ICRA

Day Moorning Lunch Afternoon Evening
Monday (May 3rd) Workshops Informal lunch Workshops Opening Drinks
Tuesday Technical Session Women lunch Technical Session Welcome Reception
Wednesday Technical Session IEEE RAS Gold lunch Technical Session Rolling Banquet
Thursday Technical Session Awards lunch
Technical Session Pub Crawl
Friday Workshops - Workshops Bowling Night
Saturday Visit to Imaginarium : Science museum - Short Hiking Trip -

  • Monday (May 3th)
  • Informal lunch (12:45h - 13:45h)
    Instead of having everybody going their separate ways we would like to have lunch somewhere together. Meet you 12:45 in the Hilton's lobby. As there is not much time available for lunch, we plan to try the local special reindeer hotdog.

    Opening drinks (21:00h)
    After a long day of workshops it is time to blow of some steam and get to know each other in an informal way. Let's meet in the lobby for some informal drinks and snacks. If you arrive only on Monday, this is the way to catch up! From 18:00 we plan a shorter hike for those who cannot make it on Saturday. Hikers are supposed to come back and join the others around 22:30. See details below! Please register to the event via email.

  • Wednesday (May 5th)
  • Rolling Banquet
    The conference organization has arranged a rolling banquet to do some sightseeing of the outdoors of Alaska from the comfort of a heated train. We invite you for a treasure-hunt game. During this train ride, teams-of-three will be seeking answers for tricky questions. The rules will be explained in email later. A piece of advice: brush up on the history of robotics ;) 
    Due to the reorganization of the Rolling Banquet we have to cancel the treasure hunt game. Sorry for that.

  • Thursday (May 6th)
  • Aurora of Anchorage (21:00h)
    The conference has officially ended and of course this must be celebrated! Join us on a tour of all the best bars Anchorage has to offer. Please register to the event via email.

  • Friday (May 7th)
  • Bowling Night (21:00h)
    The final workshops are over and after sitting down for most of the week it is time for some physical exercise. Therefore we suggest to go bowling together and see which student can throw a perfect game! The target is The Last Frontier's best club. Please register to the event via email.

  • Saturday (May 8th)
  • Visit to Imaginarium: Science museum (10:00h - 12:30h)
    Anchorage has its own museum dedicated to science. It is supposed to be an interactive museum where you can do some fun experiments. Please register to the event via email.

    Hiking trip to Flattop Mountain (13:30h)
    To see some of the beautiful surroundings of Anchorage we propose a hiking trip to Flattop Mountain. This is not a very exhausting hike, so you don't have to be in great shape. Flattop Mountain offers a beautiful view on Anchorage and it will more than definitely be worth the effort. Please be sure to have proper walking shoes with you!!! Please register to the event via email.

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